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Shipping weight

If you send a large size but light weight shipment, in case its weight exceeds the actual weight, the cost of the shipment is calculated on the cargo space occupied on the aircraft. This is the standard IATA calculation method. To calculate the weight of a shipment, simply multiply the length (cm) to the height (cm), the result multiplied by the width (cm), then divide by 5,000.

Packing the shipment

To ensure the safety and security of your shipment through the global SAFA Express network, it is important that the shipment is properly packed and labeled.

Packing instructions

- If you are intending to reuse the envelope or container, make sure that the old stickers and marks are removed.

- Ensure the bill of lading is attached to each shipment. As the bill of lading is considered as the ticket of the shipment and it will delay delivery if the bill of lading does not accompany the shipment.

- The bar code on the bill of lading scanned at stops on the journey of shipment. Please ensure that the barcode is smooth as well as free of adhesive tape and packing tape.

Place the bill of lading on the top or side of the shipment and ensure that the bill of lading does not overlap the corners or edges of the shipping container.

Use full protective coatings for fragile or delicate items and ensure that these items are packed as far away from the corners of the container as possible.

- To avoid the risk of injury to our employees, please pay special attention to the packaging of sharp goods. Absolutely limit the case of goods inside the package.

- Each item over 70 kg must be placed on the pallet. If you intend to ship multiple items, it is not necessary to place each item on pallets if they do not exceed 70 kg. For example, a shipment of 4 items of 25kg will not be placed on pallets.

Goods Restriction of transportation

The items listed below will NOT be accepted unless otherwise agreed by DHL. DHL will hold an agreement for these cases and items shipped will be recorded in writing to the Customer.

- Air guns, simulators or pistols, parts of pistols and ammunition (including guns, guns, screws and guns, etc.) for the manufacture of articles of a kind complete gun)

- antiques or works of art with a value exceeding EUR 500,000

- Tax stamps / stamps with a shipping value in excess of EUR 500,000

- Electronic cigarettes and cigarettes with a value exceeding EUR 500,000

Hazardous / noxious goods include, but are not limited to, fragrances, facial cleansers, aerosols, flammable substances, dry ice, biological substances, dangerous goods classified by The United Nations and any goods so classed as such by the International Air Transport Association ("IATA"), the Dangerous Goods Agreement by Road ("ADR") or the International Code of Conduct Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea ("IMDG"). Applies to all shipments valued at more than EUR 500,000

- Merchandise items that are converted into cash - for example, but not limited to activated SIM card, credit card or debit card, or blank check, ticket Attendance events, lottery prizes, mail or money orders, prepaid phone cards, free (blank) tickets, travel checks, vouchers / money exchanges, unused coupons , etc Applies to all shipments valued at more than EUR 500,000

- Fur, animal skins

- Jewelery and watches worth a separate individual value in excess of EUR 5,000. The value of the whole lot does not exceed EUR 100,000.


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