Courier and Shipping different parcels how?

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Courier and Shipping different parcels how?

- On time and safety:
Express delivery is fast, accurate time, goods, mail can be delivered to the recipient within the day or at least 1 working week. Customers can control the route of freight. Another characteristic is that the express delivery of goods is safe and secure, can send express delivery of high-value goods, confidential documents.

No time for delivery by mail, the customer has no right to complain about the time of delivery of goods or when the goods are lost or lost. In contrast, goods sent express delivery are insured value goods.

- Regarding the procedures for shipment:
Express delivery procedures are simplified and much faster than postal procedures. In particular, when shipping goods via courier, customers do not have to worry about the customs clearance process that the courier company will do it. Moreover, when sending goods express delivery, customers have the right to request the time and place of receipt and delivery of goods, but when sending mail, the customer must go directly to the post office to work.

Customers must go directly to the post office to complete the procedures for sending and receiving goods.

- Cost:
As courier companies are increasing, to compete in the market, the cost of courier delivery decreases. So the cost of courier delivery is lower than that of mail.

Thanks to the outstanding advantages, express delivery service has won the trust of the majority of postal customers. However, as the fast-growing market boomed, more and more companies, including non-registered companies, did not have the credibility to influence the transfer companies. other fast.

Service Portal of is one of the leading services in Vietnam. We provide domestic courier service, express delivery nationwide with reputable shipping companies such as VnPost, Viettelpost, Fast Delivery, Delivery ......

With diversified means of transportation, we receive all kinds of goods in accordance with the law with many different packages:

- Express delivery;

- express delivery;

- express delivery speed;

- Express delivery time.

And some other services such as delivery of flowers, flowers, gifts, ....

When using our services, customers can rest assured:

- Free consultation;

- Receiving and delivery of goods on time, location agreed with evidence of delivery of specific;

- Packing free goods;

- Fast clearance procedures;

- Low cost;

- Insurance 100% of the value of goods.

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