South Korea transports 200 tons of tangerines to Korea

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South Korea transports 200 tons of tangerines to Korea

"200 tons of Jeju tangerines are packed in 20,000 containers and will be delivered by four C-130 transports to Pyongyang," Reuters today quoted a statement by the Korean government. These transports will carry four flights to transport all tangerines to North Korea.

Green House spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said the first tangerine flight departed Jeju Island to go to Korea this morning. South Korean Vice-Minister Chun Hae-sung and Unified Presidency Secretary Suh Ho are on the plane and will hand over the gift to Pyongyang on behalf of the government.

"Tangerines are selected because it is a seasonal fruit in Korea but rare in Korea," Kim said, expressing hope that many Koreans will enjoy the fruit.

Người dân Jeju thu hoạch quýt vào mùa đông. Ảnh: Stripes Korea.

Jeju people harvest mandarin in winter. Photo: Stripes Korea.

This is a gift from Korea after receiving two tons of mushrooms worth about $ 1.83 million in September, after South Korea's President Moon Jae-in visited Pyongyang. Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also presented President Moon with a pair of native hounds, considered a national treasure, to show goodwill amid signs of improved relations between the two countries. .

North Korea's leaders have met summit three times this year to discuss efforts to denuclearize the peninsula and improve relations. Kim Jong-un also received a visit to Seoul, most likely the visit will take place before the end of this year.

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